Waste Pumper Supplier Directory

The Wastepumper Supplier Directory will be published in the February edition of Tank Transport Trader (circulated to 20,000 industry professionals) in additon to online features shown below for all Paid (only $145) listings.


¼ page, ½ page and Full Page display ads available.

-1/4 Page Advertisement Includes FREE 100 Word Product Release or 3” New Product Digest Ad 
-1/2 Page Advertisement Includes FREE 200 Word Product Release or 3” New Product Digest Ad 
-Full Page Advertisement includes FREE 300 Word Product Release or 4” New Product Digest Ad

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To Claim, Create, or Update your listing online. (Features below)

All you need to do is:
1. Sign up on ETrucKing  ( http://etrucking.com/registration.html ), wait for an account confirmation email.
2. Then go to our Directories  ( http://etrucking.com/directory/ )

3. Sign In, search for your company to determine if you already have a listing or need to create one


Claim Listing

Create Listing

a) After you've found your listing, Click “  Claim Listing” on right side of listing.


a) Click the 'My Account' link in the upper left box titled 'Menu'.


b) Wait for approval of the listing linkage to your account, we will send you an email when we do.


c) Next go into the directory and login. Go to the 'View/Edit Listing(s)' link. Edit your listing to correct and add more company information.

b) Then click 'Add Listing', where you'll see our directory listing plans. After selecting plan, click submit, then you'll be able to add your listing details.



Online Directory Listing Features

* = Paid Listings Only

Listing ExampleListing Details:

·         Company Name

·         Location Info

·         Listing Categories

·         Company Description

·         Hours *

·         Contacts (sales, parts, service) *

·         DOT#, EPA#, MC#

·         Carriers Legal / DBA Name

·         and much more


Search Engine Optimized (SEO) friendly:

·         These listings are very useful for improving your name and company coverage online via Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

·         ‘Friendly URLs’ that have your company name in them to improve listing search performance. *

(Example: http://etrucking.com/directory/your-company-name.html)



·         ETrucKing provides various statistics (click, impressions, emails) for each directory listing. *

On Listing Links


Stay in Contact:

·         Your potential and future clients can send an email directly to you from your listing, without exposing your email to spam bots or other malicious activity. *


Potential clients can access various forms of your company’s info:

·         Your future clients can download your company’s complete directory listing in a pdf. *

·         They can easily download your company’s vCard to their email rolodex. *

·         Users can print out your listing for future reference.

·         Your website is directly linked on your listing. *

·         Listing QR codes allow user to access your company info with their phone, tablet, or device of choice. *


Upload Company Documents:

·         Upload your product brochures, catalogs, white papers, etc. directly onto your listing page. *


Map of your location:

·         ETrucKing provides Google map on each listing of its location.

·         With ‘Google Maps’ features throughout the website.


Reinforce your Following:

·         Directory users can send your info to their friends and acquaintances.

·         Users can:

·  Become fans by adding your company to their favorites.

·  Like and share your listing on Facebook.

·  Bookmark and share your listing (with almost 300 online services).


And last but not least, your company listing will be featured, which means your listing will be at the top of the heap in the listing results and has the potential to show up in the ‘featured listings’ side box. *


Featured Listings