1978, Fruehauf, Tanker, Fuel Oil, 789501, Aluminum, 9000 gal, Used

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    Sep 28, 2017
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Reference Number
1978 Fruehauf 9000x4 Tanker Trailer
Trailer Mfr
Dimensions, Capacity, & Weight
Capacity (Liq. Wgt.)
9000 gal
Tank Composition
  • Aluminum
Wheels & Tires
Wheel Material(s)
  • Steel
Tire Size(s)
  • 24.5
Tires Condition
Needs New
Additional information
Stock #
Tank Options
  • Straight Round
  • Insulated Wrap
  • RH Ladder
  • Conical
  • Stainless Steel Wrap
  • LH Ladder
  • Insulated
  • Aluminum Wrap
  • Rear Ladder
  • Clean Bore
  • External Ring / Rib
  • Front Ladder
  • Center Discharge
  • Double Bulkhead
  • Deep Drop
  • Rear Discharge
  • Baffled
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Bottom Discharge
  • Top Discharge
  • Front Discharge
Additional information
1978 Fruehauf 9000 Gallon 4 Compartment Aluminum Tank Trailer, Compartment Sizes (3000-1500-1500-3000), MC 306, Double Bulk Head between Compartments 2 & 3, 4 – 6″ Emco Wheaton Bottom Loading Heads, Two 2 Compartment Manifolds each has a 6″ Load Head with Handle with ARI Adapters to 4″, Vapor Recovery, 2 – 3″ Lines & 1 – 3″ Line reduced to 2″ at Outlet, 11R 24.5 Tires on Steel Budds (20% overall), Spring Suspension, Crank Dollies, 2 Hose Tubes on Left Side, Small Hose Tray on Right Front Fender.

*View Full Listing HERE: http://www.petroleumtrucks.net/fuel-trucks-inventory/1978-fruehauf-9000x4-alum-tank-trailer-stock-789501/

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