Common FAQs

Mar 03, 2013
Common FAQs
Ø What do I do if I forgot my ID/Password?
Just click by 'Forgot Password' link to the left or below in the sign-in area (top right of page)

Ø How can I change profile Avatar, Information and/or Password?
To change your profile info:
·         Login
·         In the Account Area dropdown box top right of webpage (see below), select My Account (1st link) 

·         Click on the MY Profile link

1.       To change your password and/or email, click Profile Details tab (1st tab), enter current password and then enter new password and confirm new password, then click Change (green button)
2.       To change your information, click Account Details tab (2nd tab), change and add what you want too, then click Edit (green button) at bottom of section to save.

Ø How do I change my Personal (SEO) Address?
·         You cannot change your Personal (SEO) Address but you can contact our support at and we will see what can be done.

Ø Why does GNH Enterprises Inc. appear on my billing statement?
·          GNH Enterprises Inc. is our parent company which handles all the billing for our sites &
Ø Where are my purchases/payment histories?
·         Login
·         Click My Account (1st link) in the Account Area dropdown box (see below) in upper right on the webpage.

·         Click Payment History
·         You will see your payment history on the page.
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